Port of Seattle ePayments
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does ePayments work?
A. EPayments is a shared web application with Wells Fargo. You select the amount you want to pay and provide us with any required information to make that payment. We transmit this information securely to a Wells Fargo web application. The bank verifies the information that we provide and then processes your payment. You are returned to our web page with a confirmation number from the bank for your payment. If the bank cannot process the payment or we cannot contact the bank, an error message is generated and we display that error to you.

Q. How do you send payment information to the bank?
A. Your payment information is transmitted to the bank through an HTTPS connection. HTTPS uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to allow secure data transfer using encrypted data streams. HTTPS is the most widely used method in the world today for establishing secure network connections.

Q. What if I forget my password?
A. Use the “Forgot Password?” feature on the first page of ePayments. When you identify yourself with your user ID, we will email your password to you at the email address you provided when you registered with us.

Q. What if I don’t have an email address?
A. At this time, ePayments requires that you have an email address to register with us. If you don't have an email address, there are other payment options available:

For Aviation Employee Parking customers, please contact (206) 787-5320.
For all other customers, please contact (206) 787-3749.

Q. What if I forget my user ID?
A. Here’s a hint. If you forget your user ID, use the “Sign Up Now” feature on the first page of ePayments. Reenter your parking card number or customer number and name and click Submit. The system will tell you that you’re already registered with ePayments and show you your user ID.

Q. What if I encounter any issues with making my payment online?
A. DO NOT attempt another payment, but report the issue using the following form.

Q. Why do I need to answer a security question?
A. We use the security question and answer you provide when you make a payment using your bank account. We will ask you to enter your security answer as a further way of ensuring that no one else is using your bank account to make payments but you.

Q. Why do I have to reenter my payment information each month?
A. For security reasons the Port will not store your credit card and bank account information. If you provide a credit card holder address that is different than the address we have on file for you, we will store that address and display it to you next time. But we will not store the card number, card type and expiration date. For a bank account debit we will not store the routing transit number or your bank account number.

Q. How do I change my address with the Port?
A. If the address we display during the registration process is incorrect, please notify us. EPayments does not have an address-change feature. If you are a parking customer, you can call the parking office at (206) 787-5320 or send an email to employeeparking@portseattle.org to correct your address. For all other customers, please email us at webpayments@portseattle.org. Please include your customer number or parking access card number in your email.


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